Benefits of Digital Microdosing

Microdosing is a practice or a phenomenon involving consuming a very low dose of a psychedelic substance or other hallucinogenic drugs. There is a report that discloses that an adverse effect has been noted associated with microdosing, however, psychedelic is not enough to provide a trip sensation to the user. Some media information caused it to grow its popularity, however, the scientific study has yet to be concluded.

The motive of having a microdosing is to provide the microdosers the advantage to improve their well-being or improve their emotional or mental function. Some of the advocates even claim that consuming psychedelic pills in small amounts benefits the mind and makes them think more positive or more open throughout the day. Ingesting a low amount will not even provide the microdoser an effect that is the same as people who have a psychedelic trip.

On the other hand, a group of researchers also confirmed that digital microdosing also provides benefits to the microdoser in treating the mental anxiety and psychological disturbances. One example is music. According to their study, listening to music improves the memory of the patient and depending on its factor, it eliminates anxiety. Musically naive people who frequently listen to music, learn better due to its positive emotion that progresses the development in memory formation. The concept of influencing your thoughts through music can be powerful and comprehensive. Here are some factual benefits that music can improve some aspects of your personality.

Improve Psychological Performance

A study suggests that music that is being played during an intense activity will improve the performance of cognitive tasks on some adults. A cheerful music can even speed up the tasks, while some inspirational songs can benefit their memory. In addition, music can also help to effectively reduce or manage stress. A meditative kind of music can create to soothe the mine of the patient and make them more relaxed. Moreover, researchers also showed a study that music therapy can also help to alleviate the pain and depression. A significant reduction of pain had been observed to fibromyalgia patients who listened to music in just an hour. Indeed, music therapy is another way to treat chronic pain.

Memory Enhancers

Another benefit of a digital microdoser in the mode of music is improving your memory. Most students love to study while listening to music. Music boosts the mood of the students and enhances their memory while having a subject review. Additional advantage has been observed in listening to music as it heightens the mood and improves the self-awareness that develops to release a happier condition.

Conclusive Statement

Lastly, digital microdosing in today’s generation has been growing intensely to cope up with the fast growing population and different attitudes or frame of mind of the millennial society. In order to shy away the young generation to abuse the use of prohibited substances, adaptation of other alternatives such as music to treat psychological stress is imminently encouraged. Music can surely inspire people, when in fact is it a part of their tradition in terms of entertainment. Instead of using pharmaceutical remedy to treat psychological stress, why not try music that provides soothing effects to motivate a happy and relaxed condition without negative reaction.

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